Different types of horse bedding


The best type of straw that is used for horse bedding in a stable, is wheat straw. its normally the cheapest and is easy to get hold of from your local farmer. It is simple to store when its baled up and it gives a bright, warm and comfortable appearance in the stable, also allowing for good drainage.

Barley straw is sometimes used but some horses are more inclined to eat it as it is more palatable, it is also more dusty so is not good for horses with respiritory problems. Soiled straw is highly valued by the local farmers, so they'll have it back in order to spread on their fields.

In order to 'muck out' your straw bedding stable, soiled parts of the straw should be removed and put on the muck heap. When doing this the dry clean straw that is left should be thrown to the sides of the stable and the floor swept in order for it to dry out while your horse is out.

Later when your horse is brought in, the straw is re-laid and more fresh straw can be put down, with the sides built up around the edges to avoid injury. Its adviseable and more economical to lay a thick deep bed, and also for the comfort of your horse.

The soiled straw on the muck heap can be left for a few weeks, but then should be removed by the local farmer. A tidy muck heap will reflect the appearance and running of the yard overall.


Both of these provide comfortable horse bedding, it is cheap and economical but requires a lot of attention with droppings being removed frequently. Shavings are good if your horse is inclined to eat their bedding!


This is somewhat dusty stuff to put down as bedding, This can be the downside if your horse suffers from any respiriatory problems such as COPD. It is also pretty expensive to buy. Peat Moss must be forked up regularly to stop it becomng compacted down and soggy. The disposal of soiled peat can be heavy and difficult to dispose of.


Shredded paper is quite a popular form of bedding. It is economical, dust free, and breaks down easily so is therefore easily disposed of. On the down side however, paper can get heavily soggy when wet so many bales have to be used in order for the bed to be comfortable.

Underneath all these types of horse bedding the option for rubber matting can be used to avoid slipping, it can also reduce the amount of bedding in the stable which in turn reduces the size of the muckheap and is then overall more economical.

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