So how good is the
stable management
in YOUR livery yard?

Hi and welcome to our website all about horses and stable management, aptly named STABLE-ANTICS!

If there are people out there who share the same passion as we do for horses, and have done forever, then this is THE website for you!


Do you own/share, loan or part loan a horse or pony at a livery yard? Do you keep your horse/pony on full livery or part livery, or is it purely a DIY livery yard?

knowledge is power

And how is it at the yard you keep your horse/pony? How knowledgeable are the owners of the other horses? Do they muck in and help others when they need it? Or is there a definite ‘divide’ between owners?

Do you sometimes feel ‘alone’ and unable to approach the people who seem more experienced than yourself? Do you find you then get blamed for not doing the ‘correct’ thing for your horse..? Or do you feel your stable management isn't up to scratch?

Or perhaps you know that you are being talked about behind your back and that people are muttering that you haven’t got a clue how to do things when it comes to your horse..making you feel alone and isolated?

Or maybe there are people at your yard who are ALWAYS trying to tell you how to do things and they are normally the ones who actually don’t really know the first thing about horses and their welfare, but they would like others to think that they ‘know it all’ about stable management and horses, this in turn gives you the feeling of solitude.

Keeping The Peace

This website will help you uncover the antics that go on behind the stable management of your DIY livery yard, how much knowledge about horses is actually known (or not), and how to keep the peace between everyone involved.

The beautiful world of horses is explored, from equine evolution, to buying your very own dream horse.

Whatever your situation with your horse/pony at livery, this website has as much to do with the people as with the horses. After all:

happy people = happy horses,

grumpy people = grumpy horses!

If this all sounds familiar, then this is the website for you!

Here you are welcome to add your comments, or great experiences, share your moans, groans, photos or just generally horse chat to others ..(and us!)- imagine its a coffee morning in the tack room.

Click for coffee morning online - in the tackroom!

..go on...release those thoughts!

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